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Developing an App? 7 Tips for Finding the Best Software Developer

Developing an App? 7 Tips for Finding the Best Software Developer


Businesses large and small can take advantage of the many benefits of apps. Whether you’re developing an app to use in-house that can track employee productivity or an app for customers where they can shop on your eCommerce store, you need a software developer that can help take your project from conception to completion. 

If you don’t have experience in software development, finding the right developer can be difficult. Developing an app takes time, testing, and patience. If you aren’t ready to listen to a professional developer about expectations, you might not be ready to start developing an app. Here’s how to find the best software developer for your business app. 

1. Understand Your Goals and Requirements 

Before you can start looking for a developer, you must understand your requirements. In the opening talks with a software developer, they will ask you what your goals and requirements are to better understand the project. Remember, a software developer will need to ensure your project is a right fit for them just as much as you need to ensure they’re the right fit for your project. 

You can better understand your requirements by writing down your mission, vision for the app, and expectations. You should also do market research to learn about the end-user and analyze your competitors’ apps if possible. Remember, you need to know exactly what your app will be used for. For example, if you want it to be used internally by employees, a developer will need to know what features it should include. Similarly, if you want to create a popular consumer app to help your business earn revenue, your developer should understand your target market. 

Document your requirements to easily share them with a prospective developer and communicate with them. By detailing and writing down your needs and expectations, you can easily figure out if a software developer or company can meet these expectations or not. 

Once you find a developer you want to work with, you can share the document with them so they can refer back to your expectations. You should include everything from the app’s purpose to the proposed release date

2. Ask for Referrals

Recommendations make finding software developers easier. If you already trust the person giving you the recommendation, you can rest assured that the developer will be someone you can trust. Get opinions from people in your network that understand what it takes to build an app. If you don’t have anyone in your network with that experience, consider asking for help and recommendations via social media, such as LinkedIn. 

3. Always Review Portfolios

Once you start looking for software developers, always ask for their portfolio to understand the quality of their work and approach towards projects. In addition, a developer’s portfolio can give you an understanding of the types of projects they’ve worked on in the past to help you make a more educated decision. For example, if a developer has only worked on gaming apps in the past, they might not be the best person to help you build an app for crypto trading

Additionally, portfolios can help you understand whether a developer or company can execute your project. For example, if a company only develops apps for niche industries, it might not be able to develop an app meant for use by thousands of people. 

4. Consider Your Finances

Before you can recruit and hire talent to develop your app, you’ll need to know the estimated costs associated with app development. Any developer who understands your project should be able to provide you with an estimate after the first few calls you have with them. However, if you have not been clear about your expectations, a developer can give you an estimate that’s much lower than the actual cost to develop the app. 

Doing your research to understand how much app development will cost can help you plan your budget without having any setbacks. If a developer’s price does not match your budget, you can explore other options. However, the more experienced a developer is, the more expensive they will be. 

It’s important to note that a more expensive software developer may not be more qualified for your app. Many developers base their price on experience, but they might also base it on their cost of living. A developer in Michigan might be cheaper than one in New York because their overall costs are lower. 

5. Understand the Tech

Software developers can use various tools to develop an app, and business owners need to understand the types of technologies used for their projects. It’s not necessary to learn how to code or develop software yourself, but you should ensure the technology being used is capable of custom app development based on your requirements. 

You should never settle for less than adequate or nonsecure technology for your app. Before you start the project, get an understanding of a developer’s expertise. 

6. Determine Standard Operating Procedure

Before you begin your project, you should have an understanding of how the developer works. Many developers have a standard operating procedure that helps them work more efficiently while serving clients. A standard operating procedure ensures you and the developer are on the same page with estimated timelines, budgets, and expectations. It can also set communication guidelines. For example, some software developers may prefer to be emailed instead of called so they can stay productive. 

7. Consider a Company

Small businesses can save money on app development by hiring a freelancer. Still, freelancers need clear guidelines for what’s expected of them, and many don’t have the same project management skills that a software development company would offer. If you want to take yourself completely out of the equation and let someone do what they do best, consider hiring a company instead of a freelancer because they can have more people working on your app at once to meet deadlines. 

Final Thoughts

Developing a mobile app can provide your business with advantages that make you more efficient and productive while ensuring a positive customer experience. However, when building an app, you must find a developer who is willing to take your project to the finish line. Whether you choose to work with a company or a freelance developer, it’s up to you to understand the process involved in the development and set clear expectations. 


Matt Casadona

Matt Casadona has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. Matt is passionate about marketing and business strategy and enjoys San Diego life, traveling, and music. 


Matt Casadona
Matt Casadona
Matt Casadona has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. Matt is passionate about marketing and business strategy and enjoys San Diego life, traveling, and music.

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