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Tesla Model 3 vs Ford Mustang Mach E: My Experience

When it comes to electric cars, the market is flooded with options, and two of the most popular models are the Tesla Model 3 Full Self Drive and the Ford Mustang Mach E. As someone who has owned both cars, I can say that my experience with the Tesla was far superior to that of the Mustang Mach E. In this review blog, I will share my experience with both cars and highlight the key differences between them.

Tesla Model 3 Full Self Drive: The Tesla Model 3 is a popular electric car that is known for its sleek design, impressive performance, and advanced technology. The car comes with a price tag of $45,000 for the base model, but with additional features and upgrades, the price can go up significantly. In our case, we paid around $75,000, which includes taxes, for our Tesla Model 3 with all the bells and whistles. While this may seem expensive, we believe it is a worthwhile investment given the car’s long-term cost savings and eco-friendliness. When we decided to buy a Tesla, we went to the store and ordered our car, and within three months, it was delivered straight to our home.

One of the convenient aspects of purchasing the car was that we didn’t have to visit a dealer or store to pick it up and didn’t have to pay any markups. However, after driving it for a while, we noticed an issue on the driver’s side, air was entering the car through the window. We reached out to our dealer and they promptly sent someone to our home to address the issue. Unfortunately, the first attempt didn’t resolve the problem, so they arranged for us to visit a customer service center.

The Tesla’s interior appears unprofessional and poorly made, which was acknowledged by the staff. They explained that the high price we paid was mainly for the advanced technology. Some of the mechanics have prejudices towards the owner and don’t necessarily respect a younger owner. We were told that this is a fast car and perhaps what you are hearing is just a regular sound of traffic. After a few visits the issue was finally fixed, Although this experience was inconvenient, we were pleased with the responsiveness and helpfulness of Tesla’s customer service team in resolving the issue.

One of the standout features of the Tesla Model 3 Full Self Drive is, of course, the Full Self Drive option. This makes the car more reliable and comfortable to drive, as the car can navigate on its own in certain situations. This feature is not available in the Ford Mustang Mach E, which makes a significant difference in the driving experience.

Ford Mustang Mach E: Now let’s talk about the Ford Mustang Mach E. We were excited to get this car as our second electric vehicle, and we went to the dealership to trade in our Honda. However, before we could even buy the car, we encountered several issues. We called around 8 to 10 dealerships near us, and either they didn’t have the car we wanted or they were marking up the price by an exorbitant amount. One dealership even wanted to markup the price by $30,000 on a $60,000 car. We were frustrated and tried to report this issue to the main company, but we couldn’t get hold of anyone.

Finally, we found a dealership that only marked up the price by $3,000. We paid around $60,000 for the car, but the battery life was poor compared to the Tesla. Also, the Ford Mustang Mach E lacked some of the advanced technologies that the Tesla Model 3 Full Self Drive had, which made it feel less innovative and less comfortable to drive.

Markup Scam System: It’s worth mentioning the markup scam system that Ford dealerships use. Markup refers to the amount that a dealer adds to the invoice price of a car to make a profit. This markup can be significant, and dealerships will use various tactics to justify it. They might claim that the car is in high demand, or that it has expensive features, but in reality, they are just trying to make a profit.

This markup scam system is prevalent in the car industry, and it’s something that consumers should be aware of when shopping for a car. In our case, we encountered markups of up to $30,000 on a $60,000 car, which is outrageous. It’s important to do your research, shop around, and be prepared to negotiate with dealerships to avoid falling victim to this scam.

In conclusion, my experience with the Tesla Model 3 Full Self Drive was far superior to that of the Ford Mustang Mach E. Tesla has better battery life and more advanced technologies, including the Full Self Drive option, which makes it more reliable and comfortable to drive. The Mach E lacks many advanced features that the Tesla offers, including the Full Self Drive option, which was a game-changer for me. The battery life of the Mach E was also a major concern, as it didn’t last as long as Tesla’s battery.

In addition to the superior performance of Tesla, the markup scam system used by some Ford dealerships was frustrating and disappointing. It’s discouraging to see that some dealerships are taking advantage of customers and marking up prices for no reason other than to make a profit. This type of behavior is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

In my opinion, the Tesla Model 3 Full Self-Drive provided a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an electric vehicle. Tesla’s impressive technology and dependable performance make it a standout option in the electric car market. While the Mach E has some noteworthy features, it simply doesn’t measure up to the Tesla, and the pricing tactics used by certain Ford dealerships only make matters worse.

Jashim Sobhanian
Jashim Sobhanian
Jashim Sobhanian is a person who loves to read, write, and travel. He finds joy in expressing his thoughts and ideas through writing blogs and articles. He is also an enthusiastic traveler and enjoys meeting new people, learning about their culture and way of life. Jashim believes in the unity of humanity, and that we all belong to one family. He is a person who is knowledgeable, curious, open-minded and well-rounded individual.

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