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Live updates: Turkey-Syria earthquake kills thousands

Two search and rescue units from the United States will be sent to Turkey to assist with the aftermath of the earthquake, US...

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What is OOO Traveling?

OOO traveling refers to being "Out of Office" and traveling, typically for business or leisure. It means that the person is temporarily away from...

20 best German foods

(CNN) — German food is rich, hearty and diverse. It's comfort eating with high-quality, often locally sourced ingredients. The cuisine of Germany has...

Izmir: Turkey’s historic capital of cool is back on the rise

Editor's Note — This CNN Travel series is, or was, sponsored by the country it highlights. CNN retains full editorial control over subject...

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Cryptocurrency is known for being a volatile, high-risk investment, but as more people learn about it and grasp what it is and how it...

Marijuana Legalization and the future of the United States of America!

Cannabis, otherwise known as Marijuana or rather the addiction to it, is not a novel topic. This is a controversial issue that has been...

6 Ways Technology Has Helped Us in Our Day to Day Life

6 Ways Technology Has Helped Us in Our Day to Day Life Technology is a form of progress that is seen by some as evil...

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